Strengthening the Gluteus Medius

The Gluteus Medius is an important muscle located on the side of your hip/bottom. It helps with hip abduction (lifting leg out to the side), but even more importantly it stabilizes the pelvis.

Notice in the picture here when you have a weak Gluteus Medius on the supporting leg it causes your working leg hip to drop. (Image from: Prevent Disease, UWO)

It is common to have a weak Gluteus Medius. Unfortunately, when this muscle is weak it can cause knee pain, IT-Band Friction, and Hip Pain.

Below are 3 quick exercises to strengthen your Gluteus Medius and help prevent injury!

Side Lying- Abduction

Begin with body lying flat against a wall. Keep your legs parallel, knees and toes pointing forward. Raise top leg to approximately 45 degrees keeping the heel in contact with the wall the entire time. Return controlled to starting position. In order to make this harder try adding an ankle weight or resistance bands (see link below).

Complete: 2 Sets of 20-25 reps … or until fatigue (on both sides)

Lateral Monster Walks 

With a resistance band around both ankles, walk to the side while keeping your feet parallel spread apart. Keep your knees bent and over your toes the entire time.

Hip Hikes

Start: Position yourself on a stool with one leg on and one off of the stool

Movement: Hike the hip that is not on the stool up and then lower it down.

This should fatigue the weight bearing side and strengthen the gluteus medius on that side.

Complete: 2 sets of 15 on each side


My Personal Favorite Resistance Bands– great for dancers of all ages – is here.

Ankle Weights–¬† maximum 5lbs (for older advanced¬†dancers) younger stick to lower weights – is here!