Acro, Leaps and Turns Workshop August 7th 2016

Superman isn’t the only one who can fly through the air!  Check out our Acro, Leaps and Turns Workshop. Hosted by Aerial Achievements at SoCal Dance on August 7th 2016, these kids were flying through the air and even had straight legs and pointed toes!  Ms. Kelly, with the special guest Mr. KJ, took dancers and tumblers from beginners to advanced and made them fly through the air. Students from seven different studios came to the workshop to experience the thrills and learn techniques that will further help them in their dancing careers.

In the acro portion of their workshops, students worked with Ms. Kelly and her assistants to master old skills and learn new ones. They were pushed beyond what they originally thought they could do to achieve skills that put a huge smile not only on their face but on Ms. Kellys as well. Once the kids were finished with the acro portion of the workshop they were eager to join Mr. KJ were they worked on leaps and tricks, continuing to fly through the air. Mr. KJ focused on making the kids realize the beauty behind having straight legs and pointed feet. He also focused on teaching the students to use their strength to help elevate their dancing to the next level.

The students who attended this workshop, much like the many others that Ms. Kelly has hosted, not only learned new skills and tricks but also learned how to be leaders. Ms. Kelly pushes the kids to be the best they can be and to help others. Her favorite quote is “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”- Lao Tzu. Ms. Kelly gives the students the tools and steps back to let the kids achieve greatness;  they become their own “Supergirl”.


Written by: Ms. Brittany Onder