Acro and Turns workshop January 3 2016

The definition of the word workshop given by Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a class or series of classes in which a small group of people learn the methods and skills used in doing something. A perfect definition and description of what happened this weekend at our workshop! Held at Signature Dance Academy off Poway Rd, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Lynnrae taught kids from all over San Diego County, ages 6 and older how to tumble and turn. This workshop was broken into hour long segments where the kids each worked on different skills. They began their day with Ms. Kelly where they worked on a variety of acro tricks from cartwheels to aerials, backbend kickovers to back tucks. These kids were pushed and challenged to achieve goals. After their hour with Ms Kelly, the girls then transferred rooms where Ms. Lynnrae explained the fundamentals of turns. Not only describing with words but using fun visuals to help the students understand what she was teaching. After demonstrating and describing, Ms. Lynnrae then put the kids to work, giving them exercises and combinations to practice across the floor. 

The students that attended the workshop were encouraged to introduce themselves to someone they did not know and in doing so made new friends. Girls and boys that had met only moments before were encouraging and cheering on their new friends while they were working on new tricks. Ms. Kelly’s whole philosophy behind organizing these workshops, beyond teaching new technique, is to create long lasting friendships.

Written by:  Ms Brittany Onder

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