Tips to Dress for Acro Success

As simple as it may seem, preparing for class is the #1 way to set you and your student up for success.  Dress code ensures each student is ready to focus on their training and make the most of their time while participating in class.

Here are 3 tips for success:

  1. Clothing- Make sure your tumbling dancer has form-fitting dancewear on.  Absolutely no loose clothing.  This is for the safety of the tumbler and the instructor.  If the dancewear stays in place, your tumbling dancer can concentrate on the trick they are working on.  It also allows the instructor to monitor body movement and make the proper corrections. A few suggestions for appropriate dancewear are:  Leotards, bra tops and booty shorts, tight fitting tank tops and leggings, or any combination of the above.  Also, no jewelry should be worn to class.
  2. Hair- Should be pulled back and out of the face.  Low ponytails, buns, or braids are great options for class.
  3. Feet- Bare feet are best for starting to learn all acro tricks.

Kelly Conaway, Owner of Aerial Achievements is an acro, stretch and flexibility coach, with more than 20 years of professional teaching experience with studios nationwide. She has regional and national competition experience as both a coach and choreographer. Kelly has received performance award recognition for outstanding instruction by a coach and is known for her progressive approach to acro and spotting techniques that creates a fearless dancer. She has a passion for the art of acrobatics, a commitment to the studios she is involved with and pure dedication to the students she teaches.