Turns, Tricks and Acro Workshop: Little Ones Stretching and Tumbling

Last Sunday afternoon, we held our second workshop.  This time, in order to provide more specialized instruction, as well as accommodate more students, the workshop was divided up into two classes.  The younger girls came in first and spent their first hour on the mats with Ms. Kelly.

The master class began with a thorough warm up of stretches.  Legs in pike position with both pointed and flexed feet, butterfly positions, full body stretches, tucks, and back bend (bridges) were just a few of the positions incorporated in the first part of the warm up.

DSC_7168 DSC_7167 DSC_7169


DSC_7172 DSC_7173DSC_7174


Happy upside down faces. 🙂


Next came donuts (where the ladies lay on their tummies and curl up to put their head to their feet) and several other variations on this position to thoroughly stretch out theirs.

DSC_7181 DSC_7180 DSC_7187 DSC_7186 DSC_7195 DSC_7189 DSC_7188

With everyone’s back flexing nicely, it was time to work on loosening up their legs and hips with different leg extensions, straddles and split leg stretches.

DSC_7190 DSC_7197

They did a few straddle jumps as well.


DSC_7207 DSC_7212 DSC_7215 DSC_7216

 Awesome.  It is awesome to see how much time and attention Ms. Kelly devotes to thorough warm ups and stretching beforehand.  Not only does this make for beautiful acrobatic technique and tricks, but it prevents injuries!

So once everyone was warm, it was time to start tumbling.  First up were cartwheels.

DSC_7226 DSC_7228 DSC_7231 DSC_7233

DSC_7235 DSC_7339

DSC_7238 DSC_7286

After every did a few passes of cartwheels, it was time for a some straddle rolls.



Beautiful pointed toes! Nicely done!


Then, one arm cartwheels.  These almost always photograph so nicely and make for some really fun pictures.

DSC_7255 DSC_7258 DSC_7259 DSC_7260 DSC_7261 DSC_7264 DSC_7263 DSC_7266

When you were little did you ever do crab walk races?  Weren’t they fun?  I’m sure those aren’t what Ms. Kelly had in mind because she’d much rather her students use proper technique and build strength when they work, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of those next when everyone took a turn moving down the mats upside down with their walking back bends.



Take your time ladies, it’s not a race. (It just really, really looks like one.)

DSC_7269 DSC_7272 DSC_7273 DSC_7274 DSC_7275 DSC_7276 DSC_7278 DSC_7279

At this point, the class divided up a little.  About half of the ladies went to one mat to continue working on various skills and strength while the more experienced girls began working on their aerials.

DSC_7287 DSC_7289 DSC_7290 DSC_7291 DSC_7293

DSC_7296 DSC_7299

Each girl took a few turns with Ms. Kelly spotting them, and then those who seemed ready had a few goes at it without her spotting.  As you can see, many of them put an arm down.  It’s okay of course, aerial attempts without a spotter are a BIG deal!  Keep working hard ladies and it will come soon enough!

DSC_7305 DSC_7306

DSC_7307 DSC_7312

Meanwhile, back on the other mat, ladies were working on their handstands and handstand rolls.


These are such a nice trick, but it’s really hard to photograph the rolling over part.

Anyway, so the handstands looked pretty.  And soon enough the group that had been working on their aerials joined in as well.  They also did a series of handstand “falls” into backbend/bridges and stand ups, but the pictures of this all all mixed with the others.

DSC_7316 DSC_7319 DSC_7321 DSC_7322 DSC_7323 DSC_7324 DSC_7325 DSC_7326 DSC_7328 DSC_7331 DSC_7332 DSC_7334

From there, it was time for some standing back bends, back bend kick overs and back walkovers.

DSC_7336 DSC_7363 DSC_7365 DSC_7366 DSC_7368 DSC_7369 DSC_7372


DSC_7379 DSC_7380


DSC_7392 DSC_7390 DSC_7391

DSC_7393 DSC_7394


DSC_7398DSC_7417  DSC_7387

 DSC_7415 DSC_7413

Most of the ladies kept working on those while once again a few of the more experienced ladies moved over to the cheese wedge mat to work on their back handsprings.

DSC_7351 DSC_7357

DSC_7345 DSC_7347

Finally, as the time for tumbling was quickly drawing to a close, Ms. Kelly asked everyone to line up again for their final few passes.  This time it was time for them to do the tricks of their choice.

DSC_7407 DSC_7455 DSC_7435 DSC_7444

Wow!  What a lot of fun that had been.  Time simply flew by!  Quickly, everyone gathered together for a couple of group shots with Ms. Kelly and then also with Ms. Erica (the guest dance instructor) before the they moved over to the other room for their dance time and the older girls came in to take over the mats.