By Marianne Andersen, ATC

1. Rolling Your Arch on a tennis or lacrosse ball – spend a few minutes per foot

2. Calf Stretch – Stretch with a straight (gastrocnemius) and bent      (soleus) back leg- So that you can target both  muscles that make up the “calf” – 3 times for 30 seconds each leg and each stretch.

 3. Arch Lifts – Start with your foot flat on the floor. Raise up the arch of  your foot while keeping your toes, ball of the foot and heel in  contact with the floor at all times. 2 sets of 10 reps (hold for 5 seconds).

4. Heel Walks – Raise up your toes and walk on your heels. Keep your toes high off the floor. This will really help activate and strengthen the tibialis anterior. Take a few laps around your home or studio.

5. Marble Pick Up Place several marbles, dice or other small items on the floor and pick them up using your toes as shown. Place them in a cup or bowl and repeat.