I’ve been loving our virtual sessions together — it’s been so much fun getting to see each of you progressing through all of your hard work at home! Practicing your moves on the hard floor can start to take its toll after a while, but you probably don’t have a dance floor just lying around your home, waiting to be tumbled upon.

Unless……you did! That’s right, tumbling dancers! You can DIY your very-own dance-floor-on-a-budget with some tips from Miss Kim.


3 – 4×8 OSB Boards from Home Depot – $13 each

24 – 2×2 Foam Mats from Costco – $49.99 each

Marley Dance Floor – price varies (Miss Kim had this on hand, but you can find it at the link provided, or check with your dance studio to see if you can buy some from them.)

Vinyl Tape for marley seams (if needed)

Gaff & Safety Tape for securing marley to boards


Step 1: Lay down foam mats

Step 2: Lay down boards and tape seams together

Step 3: Lay down marley and tape to wood boards

SUPER EASY! The total time to make was about 90 minutes.

Other Material Options

Some parents have used insulation sheathing instead of the foam mats which is a less expensive option. We’ve found them for $11 for a 4×8 panel. It’s the same size as the boards, which make it easy to set up, too!

Miss Kim’s Step-by-Step Video

My latest project…five weeks dancing on concrete in our garage during stay-at-home order and started to feel the effects of it on our back, hips and IT bands. Decided to install a budget friendly-somewhat sprung-dance floor. Happy to report it feels better on our bodies. Here is how we did it if anyone is interested.

Posted by Kimberly Lyon-Rhinelander on Thursday, April 23, 2020
Don’t forget to watch Miss Kim’s tips before getting started!

Your brand-new dance floor will give you a great go-to practice space that’s easy on your body, and gets you in that studio mindset!

Happy Tumbling!